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Post Massage Support

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

In touch we invite places where stillness lives, intertwined, through movement of muscle tissue & fascial lines creating opportunities for cellular change & nourishment.

Deeply transformative massage embraces both the physical & somatic parts of ourselves while also working on neural pathways of pain & discomfort. Touch not only enhances our physical experience and how we move but invites us to embrace the preciousness of each moment before it passes onto the next.

This space, these silent fields, beyond the ordinary, encourage a freedom of our energetic and structural bodies.

Post massage support is an integral part of your overall experience and how your body will adjust, unwind and embrace the seeds of calm and equilibrium that is being offered in this practice.

Massage releases endorphins & enhances mood. Reduces cortisol levels therefore relieving stress, anxiety & depression. Increases flexibility & circulation. Decreases pain, migraines, headaches & boosts energy and wellbeing.

Massage enhances the felt experience of the world around you. A deep restful sleep is often experienced after your treatment. Massage shows your body you care & connects us back into ourselves.

~ Post Massage Guidelines ~

Drink some water & hydrate Have a little stretch or go for a gentle walk. Nothing too strenuous Run yourself a bath with epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) for muscle repair, relaxation and general wellbeing.

Soak in the goodness Eat nourishing fresh foods, fruits, vegetables & edible plants of all sorts Rest ~ although not always possible, try to rest after your treatment Listen to your body, curl up when you can, get cosy and give yourself permission to take it easy, sip on your favourite herbal tea and ponder Less is more Enjoy your post treatment time Schedule your next massage

With love, namaste & peace as always.

Enjoy your post massage feeling.


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