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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Introducing Soak Society to the Clinic !!

Purchase a beautiful bath soak for some extra special luxurious after treatment care.

These gorgeous wellness soaks are revitalising, relaxing and made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. They are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free -an independent Australian non-profit organisation campaigning for a ban on animal tested cosmetics.

There are 4 Wellness Soaks to choose from: -

SLEEP - a soak for deep beauty sleep

This Sleep Bath Soak combines lavender and chamomile to calm your busy mind, oatmeal to moisturise, and white clay to soften skin. Soak right before bed to prepare you for a peaceful slumber. Helps you relax for a restful sleep.

ROSE - beautiful and luxurious

The Rose Petal Bath Soak combines the most luxurious of rose petals and rose oils to enchant your senses and tone skin imperfections, active Pink Kaolin clay, and Himalayan pink salts that will soften and smooth your skin and promote detoxification. Take some me-time to indulge and feel like a queen floating in your pink bath of petals!

RESTORE - the ultimate and essential wellness soak

Packed with Magnesium, it’s the perfect, natural bath soak for sore muscles and restoring and soothing body and soul. Our Restore Wellness Bath Soak combines the freshness of Peppermint with the cleansing qualities of Rosemary, the calming and anti-inflammatory properties of Juniper Berry, and zesty Bergamot to promote detoxification and nourish the skin. With a subtle, minty fresh smell, our Restore Wellness Soak is perfect for all bathers.

NOOSA - relaxing bath soak

Daydream of long summer days spent swimming in crystal blue waters, the scent of jasmine and lemon myrtle in the air, the lime in our refreshing sparkling water, our hair and skin crisp with sea salt.


Each full size pack contains enough for 4-6 baths. Pour a few tablespoons into a warm bath and stir until fully dissolved and soak away.

  • 100% Australian

  • Vegan

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Made in Australia

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