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Online Dispensary

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Now you can purchase all your favourite products from the natuRemedies shop, PLUS order practitioner only dispensary essentials like Metagenics ™ & Liquid Herbs from the NEW online members portal !

If you run out of your favourite dispensary products and just need a repeat of your naturopathic items you can now order them directly online.

This option is available for current naturopathic clients only.

For clients wishing to order products directly, please sign up as a member on You will then be added to a list of clients able to access the practitioner dispensary directly along with any other beautiful eco store items.

You will receive a message from me once this process has been completed and voilâ you can now order when you wish !

It's that easy !

If however, you feel that you need a tweak of your protocol or something simple, this is of course no problem. Simply give me a call on 0431 994 466 and we can discuss your options and new script.

There is also a new booking option on under clinic services, where you can select a time to chat about your current protocol called 'script review' and I will call you at the time you select.

In a script review we discuss your progress and any tweaks we feel are necessary. This service is completely free of charge.

I will ALWAYS be available for in house clinic appointments and via phone but decided to provide this service to make life just that little bit easier for you.

Please reach out if you need any further information regarding this service.

~ Jodie ~

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