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There's nothing more relaxing than sinking into a warm, beautifully scented bath at the end of a long day! Bathing in salts may help to relieve tired muscles, improve circulation, soothe irritated skin and calm the mind. Made with natural skin-loving botanicals, herbal extracts and essential oils.

Natural | Vegan Friendly | Sustainable | Cruelty Free | Made in Australia


Natural oils found in rose petals help to retain moisture in the skin, it is  also beautiful in the bathtub.  Scented with rose geranium & zesty grapefruit, this bath soak will instantly brighten up your mood. It also comes packed with vitamins and minerals to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


This bath soak is suitable for all skin types. 


Scent: Rose Geranium & Grapefruit


  • Energizing & Refreshing
  • Moisturising
  • Natural Exfoliant 
  • Brightening 

Sabun Energise Bath Soak

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