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Quietly sweet , dark Cocoa with a vibrant Ginger zest & adaptogenic herbs. 


Dark, rich and delicious cocoa.


A beautiful superfood blend made with mineral rich cacao, medicinal mushrooms and vibrant ginger zest. Make a delicous hot chocolate to bring mental focus and increase staminia with adaptogenic herbs to support the body or sprinkle on fruits, yoghurt & oats whatever takes your fancy. Can be used in cooking, baking or keep it simple. 


Reishi, Changa & Ashagandha adaptogenic herbs are medicial plants that help support adrenal function and promote the bodies ability to repair itself while calming the nervous system and restoring energy.  Together these herbs will ignite your mind, nourish your body and elevate your mood.


Made from ethically sourced 100% organic ingredients and hand blended in Byron Bay


Organic | Vegan | Prebiotic | Refined Sugar Free | Guilt Free


All ingredients are certified organic:

cacao, panela, maca, ginger,

carob, lucuma, reishi mushroom (10:1 extract),

chaga mushroom (10:1 extract), ashwagandha,

cinnamon, peruvian mountain salt


Why choose Social Alchemy 

+ We use fiercely ethical 100% organic ingredients
+ We're passionate about making products that support the body AND taste amazing
+ Our blends are hand crafted in small batches to minimise waste and maximise integrity


Social Alchemy Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate

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