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Bath Collection Gift Box

Mineral Salts and Clay + Therapeutic Botanicals


The OM Bath Collection Gift Box contains sample-sized sachets of all five of our premium mineral bath soaks.

All products within the range are naturopathically formulated using sustainably harvested mineral-rich salts, curative mineral clays, organic botanicals and organic essential oils for various therapeutic benefits including:

  • Aurum Calming Bath Soak – Chamomile and Calendula to soothe sensitive skin.
  • Lucent Balancing Bath Soak – Oatmeal and Orris Root to soothe muscular and nervous tension.
  • Radiance Relaxing Bath Soak – Frankincense and Rose to replenish minerals and harmonise hormones.
  • Sel de Mer Purifying Bath Soak – Cedarwood and Sea Kelp to improve circulation and fortify immunity.
  • Vivifica Reviving Bath Soak – Eucalyptus and Tea Tree to focus cognition and relieve post-work-out muscular tension.


All blends are vegan friendly,  additive-free, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly. In line with our commitment to sustainable practices, our bath range has been developed for use for hand or foot bathing in smaller vessels, such as our Copper Bathing Bowl, as well as in standard tubs.


The OM Bath collection empowers you to draw upon this sacred practice. to serve and heal your sovereign self and create a powerful holistic experience owing to the use of the elements. Undertaken mindfully, bathing can be a valuable part of a self-care routine and can assist with many conditions. In particular, there is a significant history of bathing being linked with caring for the skin and easing and restoring muscles. Bathing mindfully can assist with general health and mood, and connect you with the natural world.


This bath soak gift box is a thoughtful present for people who value the therapeutic and enjoyable aspects of bathing.


Om Bath Set

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