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THE PURIST range is Washpools traditional tallow based soap, made the way your ancestors probably made soap.


It is based on a 100 year old recipe.

These bars are primal, paleo and minimalist, with only a few ingredients: saponified oils (tallow, olive & coconut) along with essential oils.

  • Tallow makes a good soap, creating a hard and long-lasting bar, with a creamy lather. The oils in tallow help moisturise your skin.
  • Coconut & Olive Oils deeply penetrate and moisturise to leave your skin smooth & soft.
  • Sweet Orange, Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils evoke an outdoorsy floral aroma.

Why Tallow?

A few years ago washppol were still using palm oil in their soaps, which they ensured was organic and sustainably produced. However as palm oil became increasingly negatively viewed they investigated in alternatives. When they made the  decision to phase out the use of palm oil they knew that it would be a challenge to make a bar that was just as hard and long lasting.  So they  substituted palm with cacao and shea butter, as they both contribute to the hardness. The downside to using cacao and shea butter is that they're around three to four times as expensive as organic, sustainable palm oil.  So, their cost of production went up considerably.  Environmentalism and social conscience has a price.  

Washpool realised that tallow was an excellent substitute for palm oil. Oddly enough, palm oil and lard/tallow are almost identical in their triglyceride structure - both are high in palmitic and stearic acid.  Once shunned in favour of vegetarian palm oil, these animal fats are making a comeback both for the health benefits of a stable saturated fat (over processed hydrogenated vegetable fats) and for their environmental credentials.  


Naturally, animal fat is very similar to our own and the unadulterated oil from grass fed, hormone free, locally sourced animals is making a comeback as a sustainable soap ingredient.


Washpool hand-render tallow from locally sourced animals, which otherwise would be a waste product from the meat industry.

While we know that vegetarians and vegans will not care for this product, we also know that many customers are concerned with minimising waste and sourcing goods from as local as possible. Tallow meets these ideals perfectly.


Sweet Orange . Ylang Ylang . Cedarwood Body Cleanser

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