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Breakfast salad Bowl

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

I love a good breakfast salad bowl, this one I recently made was delicious. The concept of the salad bowl is pretty simple. Fresh goodness topped with an egg or 2. Use what you have in the fridge and garden, add lots of greens and colour. Easy !!!

You can make a hot breakfast salad using some left over baked veggies, mixing it with some spinach leaves, blanched bokchoi or on a cold base of garden salad greens.

In a deep pan, add a little oil and quickly sauté some greens of choice for base. Using spinach, bokchoi and some other green leaves. Left over baked veggies work a treat for breakfast bowls. I find adding some oven baked sweet potato or pumpkin really adds body and substance. Splash the veggies with tamari or soy, use some herbs such as garlic or ginger and a small amount of sesame oil. Try not to cook the greens too much, you still want the crunch and flavour.

Never be afraid to add some delicious fruits like mango for a summery feel to the breakfast or grate and apple on top. Even adding some delicious home make Kimchi for gut health is fantastic and as the saying goes, kimchi goes with pretty much EVERY meal.

Cut up some tomatoes, capsicums, grate some carrot or beetroot or even some mango. Be random and mix and match, it's all about biodiversity with plant foods for gut and microbiome health. Gut bacteria love all things plant based. So be creative, after all its just some plants, you really can't go wrong (I think).

Once the eggs are cooked. Place the greens in the bottom, fresh veggies and sweet potato or pumpkin in the bowl. Top off with Eggs, Avocado, Sesame seeds and squeeze of lime. This is not fancy and your gut will love it. Great for winter and summer breakfasts. I also love to sprinkle some feta cheese for a bit of that salty cheesy yumminess.

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