Hot Stone Therapy

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

If you have experienced how lovely these stones feel in a treatment you will understand why I love working with them. Deeply relaxing & re-energising, the warmth of these gorgeous stones work to gently to release tension, stress & tightness on a deeper level, increasing circulation which allows for a deeper more restorative massage. Perfect in the winter months to bring a warm cozy feeling to a massage, these stones hold a special place in the clinic.

Therapeutic massage treatments support our health in so many ways from promoting restorative sleep, reducing anxiety & depression and helping to relieve muscle tension, chronic neck pain, headaches & migraines.

Therapeutic touch can help with emotional, physical & psychological trauma stored in the body supporting and soothing the nervous system. Massage promotes a sense of self, helping us feel connected, relaxed and balanced in our body. I am passionate about the restorative power of bodywork to support, nourish & restore balance.

Hope to treat you soon

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